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Become an Associate with AuxiliaGroup

By registering with AuxiliaGroup we can find your next project, allowing you to focus solely on your current engagement and minimising lost revenue.

At AuxiliaGroup we have a robust sales and marketing plan to attract new roles on an ongoing basis. We have an impressive client base which includes pharma, technology, retail, supply chain, FMCG; from SME’s to corporates. Our client satisfaction is high; our clients understand that we deliver quick, quality solutions meaning they trust us and return to us again and again. With an ear-to-the-ground outlook, our team are always looking for the next gig and have many sources of business referrals.

By registering with AuxiliaGroup, you are joining a like-minded group of professionals; a cohort of people who are widely recognised as people who have held the most senior business roles; the very best in the business.

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Benefits of being an Associate with AuxiliaGroup